created in cooperation with handbag´s designer Zuzana Beránková

The topic ‘The moment of inception’ inspired me and Zuzana to creating of collection depicting the process that we hold very close. It depicts each step, process and operation crucial for creation of collection from basic blocks to final product. Any garment or accessory is wearable and fully functional in its initial stage. To demonstrate the process of creation step by step from the moment of inception I used basic ladies pantsuit. This style is exceptional in its social aspect as it gave women the equality with men and self confidence in second half of 20th century. This established office uniform is twisted in the process into pantsuit over-all setting the women apart of men and giving them a tool to be distinct, attractive and ‘all-over’.

The collection of leather accessories by Zuzana follows the same concept of process evolution from first draft to the unique handbag and a belt. The rawness of the collection emphasises the making denoted in the technological process of production, and colour range that varies from the natural nude to yellow and cognac to violet.