V versus O – campaigne

knitwear versus tailoring, front versus back, V versus O……
the collection V versus O joins the knitwear, which is made on the hand-knitting machine, and the classic woolen fabric. knitted parts of clothes replace the sewed parts of them. those different parts is possible to separate at individual clothes but they create the unit shape together. they´re joined by saddlery buttons. the are placed on the surface of the clothes what give them the esthetical position over function and they became to the based details of the collection. also the saddlery buttons are the important component for joining of the knitwear and tailoring together. The whole collection uses the “O” silhouette which covering the silhouette of human body. This silhouette is created by the symmetrical and unsymmetrical cuts at the sewed parts of clothes. The knitted parts of clothes are shaped by weaving of the knitted stripes.
The collection of handbags comes from the “O” silhouette of collection. The handbags´s shapes are opposite to the silhouette of clothes and makes silhouette “X”. The collection is made by handbag´s designer Zuzana Beránková.

photographer: Jan Faukner
models: Žaneta Ž. / Scouteen, Nikola V. / Scout Ya,
Lukáš L. / Supermoda Management
MUA, hairstyle: Monika Košanová
leather handbags: Zuzana Beránková