návrat na salaš

the collection is inspired by aspects of the life on the sheep-hut. one part of collection is based on the simple cuts of shepherd´s clothes. the other part is inspired by shapes and structure of sheep´s fur which is typical element for sheep-hut. the collection is made in author´s original knit hand-made on knitting machine allowing playful structures. the embossed pattern used in the entire collection adds up on the distinctive voluminous look. throughout the collection the volume decreases and almost disappears in the last models. the color range consists of natural tones such as white, cream, beige and brown tones inspired by sheep´s fur, leather and wool.
The leather belts and bracers completing the collection are inspired by original shepherd´s accessories reinvented with modern touch in the way they are worn or by simplifying their shape.

photographer: František Oplatka
make-up, hairstyle: Kateřina Machová
models: Tereza L., Katka M.
leather accessories: Zuzana Beránková